Friday, 25 March 2011

.A Little Bit Precious.

Love is.


Love is life.

You are one life. I am one life. Love is also a life by itself.

Love is life. When and where there is love, there is something living, breathing, moving and feeling.

The funny thing about it is, we are have really funny interpretations about it. We tell our parents, lovers, friends, children that we love them but we act a little bit differently than we speak. I have had a friend or two who told me that they were my good friends, but never called me to say hi. I have had lovers who said that they love me, but didn't spare me their time when they got busy with their own lives.

I have realised that someone tells me that they love me, I tend to have a funny interpretation about it too. My father and I have had this banter from time to time, that I pay too much attention to what people say. My response is usually silence. There is no such thing as too much attention to what people say, there is only just listening. Logically speaking, I would tell someone that they are paying too much attention to me when I have done something that did not give me an advantage. But if that is true, how's that for love?

Love is life. It never demands. Wait, let me rephrase that.

Love demands when it is telling you that it needs something. Otherwise, like my grandma once taught me, once one becomes quiet, you know that you have something to be afraid. It is a life, like a human or even animal. To survive, it has needs that need to be fulfilled. It needs attention, affirmation, admiration, understanding and respect. It is the most obsessive topic in the world, and yet, we are becoming more and more obsessed with love. Strangely, if you think that there is so much material, guidance, support out there for love, why are we becoming more and more obsessed with it?

Like it or not, and you shouldn't have to agree with me: more and more of us are forgetting how to love.

We kinda lost the plot, mate.

To have love is free. But love is a life of its own. The aftermath ain't always a happy ending into the sunset. You know what I have found out?

A lot of us have problems maintaining love.

"Can't be with mother will kill me."

"Can't love's against my religion."

"Can't show you affection in public...what if they all stare?"

"Can't be's too dangerous."

"Don't do love, darling. Did it before. It's way too tiring."

"Loving you is complicated."

"They told me not to love you."

"This is too much effort."

And the most common one that I have heard:
"It's not you. It's me."

Well, I have used that one genuinely before.

Love is life. You gotta make time for it. Everything that lives dies, whether we like it or not. Don't wait till it's dead before you cry for it.

Love is life. While it's still alive, treasure it.

Believe me, it does more than money or someone else 's honour ever will. At least, in the end, you will never be alone.

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